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Total Vocal is a unique a-cappella group featuring professional singers, graduates and teachers of the 'Rimon' College of Music in Israel.


The group performs at a variety of music festivals and cultural events and collaborates with a wide range of local musicians and singers.


Total Vocal deliver contemporary a-cappella with a modern and refreshing twist, bringing endless groove to the stage. Performing a diverse repertoire and giving us a taste of several music genres, the virtuoso singers take vocal singing to new heights.


טוטאל לאתר כחול copy.jpg

Ido Druckman

Abigail Malka

 Bar Cohen

Hillel Yuval

Nadav Eder

Karin Agi

Itai Lahav

Kineret Erez (Maor) - Musical Director & Founder

Vocalist, Looperist, Arranger, Voice Teacher


Kineret was a member of the 5 time Grammy - Award winning a-cappella Group 'The Swingle Singers'

(The Swingles), as also of 'Shlomo & the Vocal Orchestra'.  She has sung & recorded vocals on various Hollywood and Disney soundtracks while her a-cappella arrangements are performed globally.

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